MMCH is a hospital dedicated to the people’s health of southern belt of kathmandu district. We are working to provide high quality, affordable and accessible health care to each and every patient of this region. A dedicated social workers team of this locality got success to establish this hospital. This journey form weekly road side clinic to a hospital has been a development of a dream to a reality. MMCH is a self governing community based organization developing gradually as a model with great support of grassroots people, concerned local/central government agencies, I/NGOs and individual well wishers. MMCH is a accessible to all patients, despite of social status or income levels. Our affordable medical services, outreach clinics, weekly specialists’ camps and charities are helping patients of this region.

Improve health status of community through curative, preventive and pro-motive health measures.

  • To give a quality medical treatment to patients from all economic and social status.
  • To treat each and every patient in a fast, effective and respectful manner.
  • To promote sustainable practices of health measures in community through awareness campaigns.
  • To promote and support government health objective to child, maternity and elder citizens.




MMCH covers a huge population from 3 districts namely Kathmandu, Makawanpur and Lalitpur. The Southern Region of kathmandu and neighboring VDC’s of adjoined district have been its major working area.


    Dear All, We would like to request you to contact for EYE check up on 30th ashad 2072